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What is Bmu?

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Bmu is a genus of four grasses native to the rainforests and tailem Bend in New South Wales, Australia. They are Bauhinia, Diplopterys, Mimulus and Myristica. The Australian Aborigines called them Muuguit and they were also known as Rainwater Grass, which was the main source of food for the aborigines. Today Muu is used primarily as an ornamental grass in private homes in the tropical regions of Australia and has recently gained popularity as a substitute for native grasses and for an easy to maintain grass lawn in urban areas. Muu can also be used as an ornamental grass for a range of landscaping applications in gardens, schools and other public places.



Muu turf is not unlike any other grass in its ability to grow fast and grow in a range of soils and conditions. However, the key to its success lies in the correct application of the turf. When applied correctly, it can provide a lush and green backdrop on which to enjoy your outdoor areas. Muu turf will increase the overall beauty of your surroundings by blending perfectly with your surrounding natural scenery.


Muu turf is often considered to be ideal for both the home and for commercial lawn areas, as it provides a low maintenance turf that is aesthetically pleasing. As it requires very little maintenance to maintain, it is also a cost effective solution, especially when compared to native turf and other materials. Muu turf is available from a number of garden centers in Australia including Lowes, Homebase and John Lewis, and from many leading retailers such as Penrith Retail Park and Greenmount. It can also be purchased online from various internet retailers.

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