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High Quality Premium Gaming Chairs From Ireland

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When one comes to think of the concept of premium gaming chairs, what immediately comes into the picture is often an Irish rock band. Many of us are already aware that the band Queen has a massive fan following in Ireland and even in Britain. It would not be wrong to presume that the band got its start in Ireland and its music and sound has made its way down through generations. Now it is the turn of a housetech gaming chair company from Ireland to make a name for itself in the very lucrative world of video gaming.

Get Your Premium Gaming Chairs From Ireland

The Irish gaming chair company is named House Tech. This is the brainchild of two men named Paul Givan and Declan Doherty. Both men met while attending college in University in Ireland in the mid 1990’s. While doing research on computer games, they came upon a great idea for a gaming chair and were eager to take their idea across the Atlantic to the world. The resulting company is now known as House Tech and operates out of New York City under the House Industries umbrella.

What the company has done is brought a new spin on the game that has never been offered before. House Tech has developed the House Gameplay PC gaming chair which allows you to play your favorite PC game while sitting in the most comfortable chair in the house without having to worry about any kind of physical discomfort. These chairs are truly a revolution in the field of PC game chairs and it will be interesting to see where the company takes this innovative idea further.

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