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Commercial Roofing – Why Choose Himmelb (Himmel-ee)?

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If you are considering roof replacement in Dallas, look no further than Himmelb(Himmel-ee). As a leading roof repair and roof replacement company in Dallas TX, our crew has years of experience and expertise which enables us to complete jobs at the highest of quality. We have received several positive reviews and have established many long-standing relationships with customers. Whether you require immediate attention or need to know more about roof repair Dallas, our trained and certified roofers are prepared to help. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you anytime you need a roof replacement or repair in Dallas.

Commercial Roofing

A common roof problem in Dallas is the failure of a flat roof, or a roof with a cracked surface, resulting in water damage and leaks. Whether you have a flat roof or a low slope roof, our crew can easily repair your flat roof or damaged roof. With our experienced roofing contractor, you can have your roof repaired or replaced, quickly and efficiently. For larger jobs, such as roof replacement or roof repair, we also offer a full range of roof materials and roof coatings to ensure your roof’s long-term effectiveness and safety. In addition, with our roof repair service, you can expect the best in technology and safety features available in residential and commercial roof repair and replacement in Dallas. Our team includes a full collection of heavy-duty, modified bitumen roof coatings that are designed to resist heavy weather, hail, and extreme sunlight.

If you need a roof repair, roof replacement, or roof coating in the Dallas area, contact Himmelb (Himmel-ee). Dallas, Texas is synonymous with one of the most respected roof repair and roof replacement companies in North America. We proudly serve all of North Texas including Dallas, Frisco, Allen, and Carrollton. Whether you are in the Dallas Metroplex South Dallas or anywhere else in Texas, our friendly, skilled and qualified roofers are ready to help!

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