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A Guide to Medicare Gastric Sleeve

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medicare gastric sleeve

What is Medicare Gastric Sleeve? It is a weight loss program that is provided to people with a disorder called ulcerative colitis. The ulcerative colitis is also known as Crohn’s disease. This disorder causes inflammation of the intestinal lining, which causes ulcers, sores and other symptoms. Medicare will pay a part of your medical expenses in order to provide you with an ulcerative colitis treatment. One of this ulcerative colitis treatments is the Medicare Gastric Sleeve.

A Guide to Medicare Gastric Sleeve

How does a Medicare Gastric Sleeve work? This weight loss surgery will be performed under general anesthesia. The Medicare Gastric Sleeve surgery is known as a duodenal switch and involves making small incisions in your stomach and then suturing the open skin. After the stitches come out, your doctor will remove the small intestine which will be put back on by making small incisions. The surgery itself will take a few hours and you can be back to work in a week or two.

Although ulcerative colitis is one of the most serious diseases of our time, there are treatment options available. A lot of these options are provided through medications that can be used along with the sleeve. If you or someone you know needs this type of weight loss surgery, it would be a good idea to speak to your physician to see what your options are. The benefits of using a sleeve for ulcerative colitis will help thousands of people every year who suffer from this disease.

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